Today, we live in a world where everyone is constantly moving and on the go. Whether you are on your way to school, work, the next family function, or the next adventure, rarely do we take time to sit down and be thankful for the life we have.
Sometimes that life is a reminder of the beautiful moments glowing like sunshine that you have experienced and sometimes life is a reminder of the traumas that haunt you like a shadow. Whatever it is, the one thing that remains constant is the ability to have another day to live. 
What if you had an opportunity to go back in time and experience that moment in time once again. Time Traveling is something that everyone does every day when they look at the photos on their phone, timeline, or even on the wall. 
As a father, husband, brother, and son I have found a passion for being a modern-day time traveler, freezing time so that it can be re-lived by anyone who chooses.
For me, Photography has been a source of peace and healing. It has been an opportunity for some serious reflection on what has gotten me to where I am today and the experiences that I have lived through. It has been eye-opening trying to understand how something as simple as a shadow can take your mind on a journey to what was or where you can be. 
I present “A Speck In Time” with the hope that you can see that reflection in action. 
How do we grow past our shadows? 
How do we allow our presence to be seen by everyone?  
How do you give those above a sign that you are taking control of your path and that you have looked past your traumas and are evidence-based reflections of what a journey towards healing can look like? 
I hope that you can reflect on your journey and moments in time.

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