Miguel Ozuna
based in San Jose, Ca. and working everywhere.
Today, we live in a world where everyone is constantly moving and on the go. Whether you are on your way to school, work, the next family function, or the next adventure, rarely do we take time to sit down and be thankful for the life we have.
Miguel Ozuna is a photographer, father, husband, brother and son who has a passion for being a modern day time traveler, freezing time so that it can be re-lived by anyone who chooses.
Miguel was originally born in Los Angeles, Ca. But moved to San Jose at the age of 6. Since then, San Jose has become his biggest canvas. Finding a love and passion for art while attending Bellarmine, he found himself taking pictures and later drawing or painting them for inspiration. As of May 3rd, 2021 he will hold a BFA  in Digital Photography from the Arizona State University, with plans of pursuing a MFA in Digital Photography.
One day it clicked, that the real art was beginning with the snap of a photograph and that’s when the passion for photography started to take over. Photography has been a source of peace and healing for Miguel, and he hopes that with his photography is able to bring the same to anyone who lays eyes on it.